Published: 22nd August, 2014

SABRE is at the forefront of aerial UAV technology, successfully capturing 3D LiDAR data using the SKYPOD S120. Keeping in line with the company ethos of 'breaking boundaries' SABRE have managed to successfully deliver quality data from the air using it's aerial platform the SKYHORSE HL48 unmanned Multirotor aircraft.

Technical Director Paul Edge says:

"Our Systems have been under development for the past few years, with the company investing heavily in the research and development of both the Multirotor platform HL48 Skyhorse and the Skypod S120 UAV LiDAR. We have confirmed final designs of both the Skyhorse UAV and Skypod UAV LiDAR"

SABRE has carried out extensive field trials on all aspects to develop the UAV to be as rugged, reliable and practical in use. Particular effort has gone into designing a sealed aircraft housing which is built to be water and dust resistant, capable of withstanding long term operations in harsh surveying environments.

Laser Scanning is progressively becoming a more readily available technology but still at a very high cost unobtainable to many. This technology will replace many of the standard techniques used for measurement and documentation. SABRE's aim is to offer products to the Global market at considerably lower cost with much better performance and higher reliability than any other available systems Worldwide.