HL48 Skyhorse Multirotor UAV released

Published: 20th July, 2014

SABRE-HL48/HL4 Skyhorse (Heavy lift Multirotor platform Unmanned Aerial vehicle)
Multi-functional unmanned aerial vehicle for specialist payloads up to 8kg with full survey flight planning using both SABRE and third party Autopilots. High electric flight duration VTOL aircraft

The SABRE-HL48 UAV is designed to cater for the most demanding of jobs in the unmanned surveying industry. With its high payload capacity, robust design and ease of use the HL48 is truly a workhorse when it comes to data acquisition.

Primarily designed for the SKY-POD airborne laser scanning system (UAV LiDAR), the system is suited for payloads from 2-8 kg's in weight.

When it comes to high-end payloads this system allows you to fly with confidence and stability and continually update's you with system parameters so you can closely monitor your flight and ensure the aircraft is performing at its best.

Typical payloads: DSL Cameras, Laser scanners, Photogrammetry cameras, Multispectral, Hyper spectral cameras, gas detection units and much more.

Full price and specification available now, Production availability in 5 weeks.