Published: 30th July, 2014

The SABRE SKYPOD LiDAR for UAV - high accuracy mapping from UAV-based platforms

Skypod S120 is a high accuracy phased based laser scanning system for acquiring high-density topographic information. The S120 model UAV LiDAR system offers scanning heights up to 100m (260 ft) from suitable UAV platforms. Integrated Mems IMU, GPS/GLONASS positioning, the Skypod S120 UAV LiDAR can accurately provide survey-grade high definition laser data of your chosen site.

SABRE can also integrate other third-party laser scanners to the SKYPOD.

CEO Stephen Ball says:

"We are really excited about the prospect of survey grade airborne 3D laser mapping. Our clients will be able to acquire data whenever they want at a very competitive price.
Having spent the best part of 2 years of intensive development perfecting the accuracy and data quality of the next generation of airborne surveying sensors, we are proud to be able to show the fruits of our labour."