Published: 22nd August, 2014

SABRE is at the forefront of aerial UAV technology, successfully capturing 3D LiDAR data using the SKYPOD S120. Keeping in line with the company ethos of 'breaking boundaries' SABRE have managed to successfully deliver quality data from the air using it's aerial platform the SKYHORSE HL48 unmanned Multirotor aircraft. Technical Director Paul Edge s...
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SABRE UAV LIDAR Flight Training

Published: 13th August, 2014

SABRE is in the process of launching a specialised UAV training programme in order to prepare its clients to fly and operate the SABRE HL48 SKYHORSE Multirotor UAV. Full training on the HL48 Multirotor, SKYPOD S120 UAV LiDAR and the up and coming photogrammetry packages will be available along with preparing customers with the necessary licenses to...
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Published: 30th July, 2014

The SABRE SKYPOD LiDAR for UAV - high accuracy mapping from UAV-based platforms Skypod S120 is a high accuracy phased based laser scanning system for acquiring high-density topographic information. The S120 model UAV LiDAR system offers scanning heights up to 100m (260 ft) from suitable UAV platforms. Integrated Mems IMU, GPS/GLONASS positioning, t...
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CAA Notice Unmanned aircraft UAV

Published: 25th July, 2014

Small Unmanned Aircraft: Special Operations - Future Requirement for a Safety Case Assessment Please click on this link for more info :
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HL48 Skyhorse Multirotor UAV released

Published: 20th July, 2014

SABRE-HL48/HL4 Skyhorse (Heavy lift Multirotor platform Unmanned Aerial vehicle) Multi-functional unmanned aerial vehicle for specialist payloads up to 8kg with full survey flight planning using both SABRE and third party Autopilots. High electric flight duration VTOL aircraft SABRE-HL48. The SABRE-HL48 UAV is designed to cater for the most demandi...
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SABRE Multirotor nearing LiDAR payload integration

Published: 2nd July, 2014

SABRE HL48 Skyhorse multirotor UAV is now nearing our LiDAR payload testing following months of weightlifting and final adjustments. stay tuned for more news
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See SABRE at Hillhead 2014

Published: 22nd April, 2014

SABRE Land & Sea will be presenting its range of laser and photogrammetry surveying systems at Hillhead in Derbyshire from Tuesday 24th June to Thursday 26th June 2014. SABRE design and develop advanced, rugged, autonomous and robotic surveying systems for use in quarries and mines. Their systems are extremely versatile and allow the user to de...
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